Welcome to City of Bridges
Community Land Trust

City of Bridges Community Land Trust is an independent, regional nonprofit that works closely with community organizations and our neighbors in Pittsburgh.

We envision diverse communities where people thrive, build wealth, establish roots, and foster community ties without risk of displacement.

We build community-led ownership that ensures permanent affordability, empowers individuals, and ensures responsible growth and stewardship.

We develop permanently affordable spaces to strengthen community and restore the fabric of changing neighborhoods, connect people to resources, prepare homeowners, providing ongoing stewardship toward individual success and long-term neighborhood stability.

Our goal is to create 100 units of affordable housing in Allegheny County over the next five years.

We will continue to pilot innovative programs and find new ways to bring permanent affordability to our communities, including down payment assistance, community-controlled commercial space, homeowner incubation, educating the region about the land trust model, and more.

And we will keep advocating for not only affordable, but also safe, stable, and healthy housing in Pittsburgh.