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Review our membership guidelines, below, then click the apply button! Or call Casandra to learn more at (412) 621-1811 ext. 103, or email

Who can become a CBCLT member?

You don’t have to be a CBCLT homeowner or tenant to be a part of our organization and shape our work! City of Bridges encourages all residents of our partner communities to join and to play an active part in our movement.

CBCLT membership exists to properly represent the diverse communities of our region and the individuals we serve. We center the voices and leadership of populations who have been systemically and historically disenfranchised; including BIPOC, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and any other minority population. 

Membership is open to all individuals who are 18 or older and live in a community that CBCLT currently serves.


Our Members

  • Share our values around affordable housing, including community control and permanent affordability
  • Empower their communities and lead the way together
  • Represent the diverse communities of our region and the individuals we serve
  • Support the work of City of Bridges by volunteering and being engaged with their community
  • Elect our City of Bridges Community Land Trust Board of Directors
  • Stand for election to the Board
  • Serve on CBCLT committees

Our Board

  • 1/3 of our board is made up of individuals who live in CBCLT homes, elected solely by CBCLT homeowners and tenants. 
  • 1/3 of our board is reserved for individuals who live in the communities we serve
  • 1/3 of our board are elected community partners and trusted practitioners

CBCLT Membership gives those in the neighborhoods we serve the power to annually elect CBCLT board members and have a direct voice in the governance and work of City of Bridges Community Land Trust.