Announcing City of Bridges

We are a new, independent nonprofit that works closely with community organizations and individuals.

We develop permanently affordable assets to strengthen community and improve the quality of our buildings and housing.

We connect people to resources and & empower more and better prepared homeowners.

We provide ongoing stewardship for long-term neighborhood stability and individual opportunity.

From the news of the mass eviction at Penn Plaza, to the creation of the city’s Affordable Housing Task Force, the affordable housing conversation in the Pittsburgh region has never been larger or more focused. Over the past several years the Lawrenceville Corporation has sought to build on that momentum and local energy to introduce and grow a new tool in this region: the community land trust. Through this tool LC aims to create permanent affordable housing for families and build a sustainable model that will transform affordable housing work in Lawrenceville and localities – both within and beyond the city.

In 2015, Lawrenceville Corporation initiated an effort to design and deliver permanently affordable for- sale homes in Lawrenceville, which resulted in the first CLT in Western Pennsylvania.

Acknowledging that real estate markets transcend neighborhood and municipal boundaries, Lawrenceville initiated a partnership-driven initiative to create a multi-neighborhood, multi-municipal CLT to provide promising opportunity for long-term organizational stability, sustainability, and effectiveness.

We are: City of Bridges Community Land Trust. We build community ownership that preserves permanent affordability, empowers individuals, and ensures responsible growth and stewardship.

City of Bridges CLT launches April 1 2019.